April 18, 2014

Scrapping: Easter inspiraton

The Easter Bunny is not far away now, so I thought I would share today a little Easter inspiration.
Sharing my creations for my 2 crafty post this month.
{Cute Easter Bunny}
chipboard used: Easter word
Easter eggs - cut out
cutesy birds
Love keys 
some close ups.
I have created a two tone affect on the word Easter with glitter
The Easter Eggs - cut outs I have simply inked and cute little cute is gesso and then a touch of ink

My second creation is something a little grungy.
{just a moment}
Chipboard used: Moment word
Number vertical
Barbed wire
Jennis Bracket Frames
Frame - Journal set
Some close ups
I love layering the chipboard as I have done here.
 More glitter chipboard - no surprises uh.. Tee hee
I hope something has inspired you.
Wishing you all a Happy Chocolate filled Easter!!!
Never mind the hips!!! Tee hee.
PhotobucketEaster! XO

April 16, 2014

Scrapping: Purple!

Morning :)

Have I told you how much I love creating cards for OTR challenge.
1. I am sure I would never have created a purple card
2. My basket is looking mighty healthy full of cards
3. Its awesome to create something in a little amount of time.
Okie Dokie... we are off to the garden shop soon, two boys in tow, this will be an experience!! tee hee I plan to spend my Easter in the garden planting lots and lots of flowers.
Then the Easter Bunny can hide all his choccie eggs in there. Just for me!!
Tee hee
PhotobucketWednesday XO

April 14, 2014

scrapping: Happy!!

I hope your all enjoyed your weekend. One weekend to a closer to a chocolate filled one!!!
Who said chocolate?? tee hee
Popping by to share a recent creation for CSI.
Take a look at this too.
grin from ear to ear!
{ happy}
 some close ups.
I used Em's sketch, I just add some bits and bobs to suit my style.
Righteo, over and out for today.
PhotobucketMonday! XO

April 7, 2014

Scrapping: card and tutorial

Hello :) Just popping by to share some cards and a little tutorial.

First card is for OTR. All you have to do is use fabric on your card.

Heres a little tutorial on how I used fabric on my card.
(Sorry not the best photos, I was creating at night!!)

 Step1  : First I got out some of y vintage fabric from my stash. Because this fabric is 100% cotton it tears easily, so I tore a stripe about 2.5inches. By also tearing my fabric it gives the edges a little fray edge instead of a neat cut edge. With me there?? LOL.... to start to tear, just snip the end with scissors and then tear all you like!!

Step 2: I then used my sewing machine and stitched a long stitch along one side. Dont reverse stitch the ends and make sure you leave a long tail of thread when you finish.. you will see why in a second.

HINT: use a different colour thread to your bobbin.

Step 3. Now using the bottom thread (the bobbin colour). Pull it gently so that it starts to gather. You might need to move the gathers with your fingers done the fabric and even them out. But really, its all personal choice how you like it :)

Step 4: Now we will create a little circle with the fabric now gather. If you like you can stitch over the gather to hold it, for you like me, just create the circle and hope for the best!! tee hee.. Not add either a little glue to the ends or machine stitch it together.

Step 5: Now layer the fabric on your card. For me I choose to put it under my flower and then add some glue to the edges and sprinkled glitter.

Pretty cute uh!!
Hope this inspires you to try something different with fabric!

Second card is for the Prima PPP. Something a little Easter like.

 I am totally smitten by those cute little Easter bunny resins. I had to create a little card with them in April's soft pastel palette and add a little sprinkle of glitter. Perfect!

Thats it for me.
 I  have already eaten a burger, a hot dog, a sausage... yes, its a playdoh kitchen at the moment :)))
School holidays has begun,
Monday XO

April 5, 2014

Scrapping: More colourful creations

I am a wee bit behind in blogland!! ooops.
I have a couple of creations to share that I did a few weeks back.
I had a little play at CSI. Its been literally months since I did.
I am enjoying all these challenge type pages I am creating, its been sometime since I had the opportunity and time to create.... all because I want too.
I had a lot of fun just playing.

lots of close ups!! so much layering and mixed media!

Second creation was also for a CSI palette. A girlie one and it was FUN!!! :)


yes I am loving decorative straws cut up on my pages!!

School holidays has just begun!
No lunches to make, no alarm clock to remind to get the boy and sleep ins!!!
Daddy has just started planting chickpea, so that means family meals on the tractor, and the boys get lots of Daddy time once they stop arguing about who goes first !!
Farming life - and I love it :)))
The boys are about to have nap time, so I am off to create something!!
I love walking into my studio not nowing what I will do.
No deadlines.. just create :)))
PhotobucketWeekend!! XO

March 31, 2014

Scrapping: Moodboards

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I snuck in some scrapping. Even a challenge or two!!
Pretty chuffed, this doesnt happen often. Tee hee.
Looks like moodboards are my inspiration. 
First moodboard I used was the one at Sassy scrappers!!
Turquoise, ah yes.. not surprise uh.

Using lots 2crafty chipboard!! One my favorite things, besides flowers, to use on my pages!! 

I loved all the frames, so I used a Prima resin frame and tucked a smaller photo behind it! 
Second moodboard I used as inspiration was the one at Jot magazine!
Brights bright brights!!
circles, white backgrounds... so so so much to draw inspiration from!! 

{summer days}

Some close ups.
Lots of layering and texture.
Isnt that crate paper Pier flag cute!! 
More 2crafty chipboard . Yep, I love coating it in glitter :)
Thats it for the month, clearly, being the 31st.
Bring on April!

PhotobucketEnd of the month!! XO 

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